Taurus Season + The Hierophant By Halicue Hanna

Working with both Tarot and Astrology is powerful because each of these ancient yet distinct philosophies features archetypes and mythology that we can easily access to study and explore our unique selves.

When the Sun moves into sensual, easy-going Taurus (April 20 - May 20) we celebrate the concepts of steadfastness, and commitment. We also permit ourselves to enjoy a little harmless indulgence in earthly delights. 

After all, Taurus is ruled by Venus and is the ruler of the 2nd house, which deals with our physical and material environments, as well as income, money, self-esteem, and feelings of worth. If it tastes, smells, looks, or feels good, the benevolent, sweetly bovine energy of Taurus encourages us to savor the experience and luxuriate in it. 

And unlike speedy, combustible Aries, once we cruise into Taurus Season, we tend to want to slow down and enjoy some delicious, yet uncomplicated moments of “the good life,” whether that’s splashing out on an expensive new perfume or sneaking in an afternoon nap snuggled up in your favorite weighted blanket.

The Tarot card that helps us embody and further integrate the sensorial and sweet security of the Taurus archetype is none other than The Hierophant (Card V in the Major Arcana.) The Hierophant (named for the head priest of the Eleusinian Mysteries) is the Major Arcana card that corresponds to Taurus. As we enjoy the more secular delights of Taurus season, The Hierophant reminds us to reflect upon the concepts of endurance, knowledge, and values–particularly those relating to our belief systems, spiritual traditions, and doctrines. 

And there is no need to limit ourselves to those systems and dogmas that we were indoctrinated into as children. The two acolyte figures that we see kneeling in art of The Hierophant card inspire us to embark upon new courses of intuitive study, and join new communities of learners. The Hierophant also inspires us to explore our readiness to teach and provide mentorship to others, as well as what role spiritual leadership will play in our life journey. 

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Meet Halicue Hanna

“I am an Empath, Intuitive and an expert, experienced crisis counselor. The Gilded Apsara is where I combine my Tarot expertise, spiritual gifts, professional skills and the richness of my own diverse ancestral history and culture and offer them in service to you! I will happily read and counsel on any question you bring to our session but I also want you to know that my superpower is using the Tarot to guide and support women trapped in mentally and emotionally abusive relationships. 


My Tarot journey began from the moment I bought my first deck right after graduating from Dartmouth College in the mid-90s. I then started a 15+ year career as a violence prevention and reproductive health crisis counselor and program director for organizations and institutions that serve women and girls.

Why? Because women are simply the most interesting people in the world to me. We possess such strength, unique beauty and seemingly endless sources of love and compassion. It’s why I’ve spent half my life working to empower and liberate women of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures from the societal pressures, norms, and ills that threaten our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual safety. 


As a tool, and in the hands of a gifted reader, Tarot can help you begin a healing journey, exploring new ways to express your joy, ambitions and creativity. Whatever your individual needs, the Tarot can help guide you on your path. 


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