Hellooooo, Gemini Season! Mercury's in Gatorade and The Lovers are here...

This month’s cosmic newsletter is coming to you a few days late, but considering Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is currently in retrograde until June 2… it makes sense. In fact, buckle up and get ready for a few weeks of inevitable delays, distractions, and tangents.

There's no better astrological sign to help us navigate changing tides of time and thought than the air sign of Gemini.

Some of my favorite people on the planet are Geminis. My best friend Amanda, my little niece PR, and the only singer who is 100% guaranteed to make me put on my raspberry beret and truly dance like no one is watching… Prince.

There’s just something special about a Gemini. I mean… their corresponding major arcana tarot card is The Lovers, for goddess sake. What’s not to love about their dualist nature and inherent ability to connect?!

Still, lots of people have lots to say about Geminis...


(seriously, follow @notallgeminis on IG to get in on the redemption campaign). 

But for me, the essence of a Gemini is entirely reflected in the imagery of the corresponding Lovers tarot card.


  • Two people with casual, relaxed body language (Confident)
  • But also stripped down, totally naked (Vulnerable)
  • Each standing on their own (Independent)
  • But also with hands dangerously close to touching the other’s (Connective)

Geminis (and The Lovers card) truly embody duality through and through. The improv teacher who invented the ‘Yes, and’ MUST have been a Gemini, because this astrological energy is here to teach us the deep spiritual practice of holding both.

Of accepting the fact that many things can be true at once.

Of knowing that every bit of light casts a shadow.

Of feeling (and not resisting) the conflicting nature of our modern reality.

This sort of awareness and non-judgement eventually allows us to press further and further into duality, so far that we break through the other side to non-duality. Where the oneness dwells.

But that’s for later down the road.

After all, The Lovers card is only the 6th of 22 cards in the Major Arcana and Gemini is only the 3rd of 12 astrological signs. As the looming angelic-Sun-deity depicted in the background of the tarot card suggests, there’s so much path left to walk :)

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