Welcome to Aquarius Season

Welcome, Aries season

The sun entered the sign of Aries on Sunday, March 20th. It initiated a new astrological year! Happy new year and happy birthday to all the natives of this sign!

Aries represents the coming of Spring Equinox, where everything dormant begins to wake up and flourish. Aries speaks to us about initiation and emergence.

This season teaches us the power to materialize something tangible in the world. It is the "will" to implement our ideas, wishes, and desires for everyone to see without expecting something in return; The pleasure here is JUST to create and enjoy the process of creation itself.

During this Aries season, we will all be able to feel that inner fire guiding us. Aries speaks to us about our spontaneous ideas, personal desires, and intuition. It is a great time to observe how we manage our power and our relationship with that power.

Moreover, this year the Aries energy will be exacerbated by the transit of Jupiter, the planet of expansion and faith, in this sign (from May to October). We have fundamental learning to achieve this year, especially about courage, independence,  and inner freedom. Aries's energy also teaches us how to launch ourselves into the world and not be scared of failing. 

This energy is asking us to embody new experiences.

Enjoy this beautiful season,


Scarlet Sage Assistant Manager