Taurus Season and the Solar Eclipse: Boundaries, Blooming, and Abundance by Heather Cohen

Both Taurus and Eclipse Season start on April 20th.

Moving into Taurus Season, we leave behind this Aries Season fireball pace. In Aries, we experience the spark of creation and all of the power and agency to make things happen to birth our dreams. However, in Taurus we slow down and actually do the day to day work of nurturing and tending to what we have created. We can become more in touch with our senses which is easy to do for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere as we move into Spring.

Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and Taurus rules fecundity (fertility). Imagine The Empress Card in the Tarot - that's Taurus energy. Everything is fruitful and abundant, especially your business as Taurus rules business and banking! If you have Taurus Sun, Moon, or Rising, this will affect you the most, but everyone will feel it to some extent. (Keep reading for sign based horoscopes!)

It is the perfect time to slow down and smell the roses, to put your feet in the earth, to take long luxurious baths, to eat your favorite foods and drink your favorite wines (or beverage of your choice).

Taurus rules the throat so singing and expressing yourself artfully is well aspected. Venus is the ruling planet of both Taurus and Libra. In Taurus Venus is practical, sensual, and moves slowly with ease.  Taurus is an earth sign, so being out in nature is a must and investing deeply in a practical way into your life, business, family, projects, relationships. Taurus is in for the long haul with deep commitment and loyalty.

While Taurus by nature is slow, natural, practical, and in love with the simple pleasures, we have a few sneaky surprises this Taurus season.

For one, Taurus is the home to transiting Uranus. Uranus transits last 7-9 years so Taurus has been hosting Uranus for many years now, with just a couple of more to go, Uranus leaves Taurus in 2026. Uranus is the complete opposite energy to Taurus. Uranus known as "The Great Awakener" uses the element of surprise to "awaken" people in places they have been on autopilot. Uranus in Taurus is both a personal and collective energy.

On the collective level, which affects us all deeply, Uranus in Taurus shakes up our financial systems as Taurus rules finances. It makes us question what we value, as well as how we grow or buy or sell food as Taurus rules the earth/farming etc. Taurus also rules boundaries as all Earth signs do, so it will shake up the boundaries of land, as we are seeing in Ukraine and various other countries. On a personal level the same thing applies, but you will notice it in the parts of your chart ruled by Taurus. While Uranus can be jarring, the goal is truly to wake you up to a better life and a happier existence. Still these methods can be destabilizing in the moment.

Another exciting thing happening in the sky is a beautiful solar eclipse in Taurus, again Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is stationed in Pisces right now so she could not be more radiant or well placed for this huge new beginning. April 30 is the partial solar eclipse in Taurus. Eclipses tend to speed up change and with Uranus there are always surprises. Nonetheless this is a very positive eclipse and should help usher in brand new beginnings. Eclipses always come in pairs and so May 15 will be the coinciding lunar eclipse in Scorpio.


Find your sun, moon, and rising sign below to see how the Taurus solar eclipse will affect your personal chart for a more complete picture.

Aries: This eclipse hits your 2nd house of finances. There could be shifts and changes, this may be a time to ask for a raise or augment your finances in some way. It is a good time to take more risks financially and have them bear fruit.

Taurus: This eclipse is in your first house of identity and affects you the most. Breaking out of your familiar routines is important, especially in how you express yourself in the world. Old ways of dressing and expressing are not going to satisfy. Bold statements in dress or expression, perhaps in ways that ever shock or surprise you are on tap as you break free of old ways of presenting yourself to the world.

Gemini: This solar eclipse makes you very UN-Gemini. In your 12th house this eclipse may make you want to withdraw into your own sacred space, be much more quiet, less chatty as you find rest and rejuvenation in stillness and silence. Spiritual practices will benefit you greatly.

Cancer: This eclipse highlights your 11th house which has to do with social groups, big dreams, and putting yourself out there. A social event might lead to some big change in your life especially as it relates to your dreams of the future, so go out! See what happens.

Leo: Leo's love the spotlight and if you have wanted to upgrade your work situation this could be the time. With the eclipse in your 10th house of fame/honors and work. You will be rewarded when you take risks in work.

Virgo: Virgos may start craving travel as the eclipse lights up your 9th house of travel, higher learning, and philosophy. Looks like the universe will meet you halfway if there is someplace on your bucket list you have always wanted to go. Positive words might come in about a graduate program or anything you have applied for having to do with continuing education.

Libra: This awakening moment comes in your 8th house of sexuality, transformation, shared resources, and mystery. You could uncover past trauma that allows you to move forward in a big way in the area of intimacy and shared resources. It is an excellent time to start therapy or get support in a bigger way.

Scorpio: This eclipse happens in your 7th house of committed partnership. Pay attention to who comes into your life right now. This is a time to uplevel partnerships and agreements and intimacy.

Sagittarius: This eclipse falls in your 6th house so clearing the way to uplevel your daily routines, discipline in caring for your body, your workspace, and getting organized will be a welcome result of this eclipse for you.

Capricorn: Everyone is getting a dose of "opposite day" here and Capricorn you are no exception. Usually serious and focused you are getting an opportunity to play and have fun, be romantic, silly or express the eclipse happening in your 5th house!

Aquarius: Your home and family are under a microscope in this very origin based 4th house eclipse placement. Looking at home family roots, it is an introspective time. How your natal family affects your life now is on the table.

Pisces: This eclipse falls in your 3rd house of communication. Some exciting out of the blue news could fall in your lap or inbox at this time. Insights or the final piece of a mental puzzle about someone in your life could become clear. It is also a new opportunity to sign up for a class or a new source of learning that you have always wanted to pursue.

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