A channeled transmission by Mary Grisey from her Guides, The Council of 12.

Dear Beings of Light,

We are delighted to connect with each and every one of you as we bring through our wisdom of observation as to how we can serve you on an energetic level on your planet at this time. We know that your planet is going through a very important evolutionary shift and there are many of you who are being called to heal others and elevate the vibration of the planet. For those of you reading this, we know you have been through so much in the past three years. This time has tested you - it has pulled you apart in so many directions you couldn’t have imagined. Because of this, your soul growth has accelerated and you are now moving into a time of fruition where you will receive what you call, “the fruits of your labor”. 


What does this mean exactly?

Many of you have been in a contraction phase - a time of “closing in” and moving your awareness internally. Your attention has been placed on getting clear on what is true to you and why you are here. This heart-centered perception has led you to an opening that wasn’t quite available to you before. Within this opening you will find a myriad of soul-expanding possibilities depending on your individual desires, paths and needs. We see this year being a time of creative and spiritual mastery of what truly lights your soul up with passion. 

There is a powerful theme of beginnings and endings for many of you in your personal lives at this time - whether that be starting or ending a relationship, job or energetic cycle. We would like you to imagine that you are releasing a big out breath - the sweet feeling of that exhale is exactly what you’ll be experiencing the rest of this year - a deep release and surrender into what is. The surrender is necessary as you are coming into the realization that you are not totally in control, but that you are in a collaborative dance with the universe. 

We also see an opening of extrasensory perception on your planet. Abilities like psychism, spiritual mediumship, energy healing, plant magic and more have been lying dormant for hundreds of years and are now waking up out of a deep sleep. The earth is currently shifting into a higher resonance and because you are biological beings connected to the earth’s frequency, you are naturally shifting with it. You may experience time slowing down or speeding up - which is what we know as dimensions merging or overlaying with one another as your consciousness evolves and expands. A spiritual awakening is taking place within many of you on your planet and you are becoming aware that linear time is an illusion and third dimensional construct. We ask that you trust your soul is moving forward in evolution even though it might not feel like it. 

Dear human, your true gift is to reclaim your power of the heart frequency - the ability you have for experiencing deep, rich ranges of emotion that many of us in the galaxy cannot experience. Lean into that feeling of self-trust and heart-centeredness so that the collective heart frequency will continue to rise on this planet. We ask that you focus on YOU - not your neighbor, not your friends, not your family. Listen to what is within YOU so that you can come back into the reharmonization of what is true to the soul path you were meant to walk on in this incarnation. 

We love you, we love you, we love you...

Mary Grisey

The Council of 12

****The Council of 12 are a collective of extradimensional light beings from multiple star systems who assist the growth and development of human souls on Earth. Some of them are our ancient Earth ancestors from another dimensional timeline and channel through me to help the collective awakening at this time.