Bitters, not Just for Cocktails!

Prime your body and mind for indulging in your favorite communal comfort foods with an ancient approach, digestive bitters.

Including digestive bitters on your holiday table to support you and your family's belly, bloating and burps ;)

Activate your home apothecary and impress your community by making your own bitters!

Enjoy our basic recipe for diy bitters, source fresh picked Yellow Dock root and other bitter herbs from our favorite family farm Oshala, and bring the goodness of the Earth to your feasting season.

How to Use Digestive Bitters:

Digestive bitters can be dropped directly onto the tongue or mixed into a small amount of pure water or sparkling water.

Our Herbal Bitters Recipe


  • 10g Yellow Dock root
  • 4g Fennel seeds
  • 10g Burdock root
  • 120 ml of 60% Alcohol


  • Grind all herbs until they become a coarse powder.
  • Place herbs in jar.
  • Dilute alcohol, if needed, to reach 60% ABV.
  • Pour alcohol over herbs, pressing herbs down to make sure that they are completely covered by alcohol. You may use a weight to help keep herbs submerged.
  • Put the lid on, label, and store in a cool dark location for at least 3 weeks, shaking the maceration occasionally.
  • When your maceration is complete press out your herbs.
  • To use your bitters: Take 5 drops up to a 1 dropper full 15-20 minutes before meals for best results.

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