2021 Holidays Gift Guide

Discover our selection of healthy, spiritual and home made gifts for the Holiday season, tested and approved by the Scarlet Sage Team:) 

✨Tarot Decks by Napa 

  • Wild Unknown Archetypes DeckThe perfect gift for the spiritual seeker in your life. These cards provide powerful insight into core themes and archetypal energies at work in our life, and provide valuable illumination.
  • Light Seer's Tarot: A newly published tarot deck with bright, beautiful visuals for the tarot enthusiasts! This deck has quickly become popular amongst professional and new tarot readers. 
  • Affirmations Tarot: An adorable animal-centered version of the classic tarot that is perfect for younger children interested in playing with tarot cards. 

📗 Books by Napa & Kursten

  • Good Juju by Najah Lightfoot: A new book with timeless wisdom and magical insight from a respected spiritual practitioner. This would be a great gift for a witchy teen building up their magic skills. 
  • Healing Mushrooms by Tero Isokauppila: An excellent book for anyone fascinated by mycology and the medicinal power of the fungi kingdom! Learn all the incredible healing properties of mushrooms, arguably some of the most potent medicine on the planet. 
  • Handful of Stars Hand Printing Guidebook!: Makes a great gift for the curious mystic in your life or a wonderful thing to bring along to friend's (or even work!) holiday parties. People might still be a little weary of tarot cards, but I've never met someone who didn't want their hand printed on this beautiful purple paper and examined with the super easy to use, practical guidebook!

🕯️ Candles and Face Masks by Roya


💄 Beauty Essentials by Kursten

  • Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum: I've had dark circles under my eyes since I was a *toddler*. After a few weeks of using this Vitamin C serum with the Pomegranate + Peptides under eye cream, my face has never been brighter! My under eye circles keep slowly fading away, and I've even stopped wearing face powder because I like the supple and even tone to my natural complexion more than makeup now! Mad Hippie is my favorite new find of the year for sure!
  • Scarlet Sage Sitz Bath: There's a reason this blend was in Glamour magazine. My two sisters have both given birth over the past few months and this was the first thing I bought them postpartum. They both said that the product (and special instructions!) were *LIFESAVERS*. I was the hero Auntie for this gift!
    🎄 Home Decor by Roya

    🌿 Herbal Supplements by Kursten & Kelsey

    • Sound Sleep by Gaia: I've tried just about every formula under the sun to get sleep support for my insomnia. Nothing has ever given me that deep-but-not-drowsy-the-next-day sleep while also helping me fall asleep fast with ease (but not make me feel out of it). I don't know how Gaia did it, but this blend of California Poppy, Skullcap, and Kava Root consistently gives me that elusive perfect balance of sleep. I'm resting better and seeing a ripple effect across my mood, health, focus, and happiness. I'm very much looking forward to having this during the holidays so all the travel and to do's don't disrupt my newly found sleep cycle! 
    • Five Flavors Herbs Sweet DreamsI love to support deep sleeping as the nights lengthen and we come closer to the solstice. 

    🧩 Family Time by Kursten

    • Vintage Puzzle: There's nothing worse than sitting around staring at your extended family during the holidays with nothing to do or talk about. A few years back my siblings and I discovered the power of a good puzzle during the holidays. It's a great low level of competition, quiet (aka - silent), contemplative but calming, mentally stimulating but soothing way to pass a few hours at the dinner table in your's (or your partner's) hometown. This vintage puzzle by Cavallini is unique and beautiful making it something that both puzzle doers and puzzle observers can both enjoy. You can also borrow our family rule: whoever puts in the last piece can frame and gift it to anyone they want to hang in their home. 

    🌾 Seeds by Kelsey

    🖊️ Education by Kursten

    • Alchemy and the Breath: 6 Part Series: A very powerful witch once told me that the essence of magic is the ability to shift from one state of consciousness to another at will. One of the most potent ways I've found to do this is by using the breath. Ancient breathing practices and techniques facilitate these shifts in consciousness, and that's what this 6 part series is all about. It explores 6 states of consciousness in the universal cycle of life and how to use the breath + alchemy to embody each state. This is by far the upcoming online class that I'm looking forward to the most next year because I know it will help deepen my integrative practices that leave me feeling more empowered and whole.