Astrology Gift Guide: What's your sign?

Astrology has been around for centuries and served many purposes along the way.

Currently it's used in our modern society as a way to gain insights into someone's personality and impulses.

Reading someone's entire Astrological Natal Chart is intricate and requires specific information (like birth time) and a trained professional to really tell the whole story.

The most accessible aspect of astrology is known as the Sun Sign.

The Sun Sign is easy to calculate using just the birthdate. It tells you about the core traits of a person and what drives them towards growth. It's known as the aspect that tells you "who you're becoming".

If you don't already know your or your loved ones' sun sign, check out the dates below to learn:

    • Aries—March 21 - April 19.
    • Taurus—April 20 - May 20.
    • Gemini—May 21 - June 20.
    • Cancer—June 21 - July 22.
    • Leo—July 23 - August 22.
    • Virgo—August 23 - September 22.
    • Libra—September 23 - October 22.
    • Scorpio—October 23 - November 21.
    • Sagittarius—November 22 - December 21
    • Capricorn—December 22 - January 19
    • Aquarius—January 20 - February 18
    • Pisces—February 19 - March 20

Knowing the sun sign can tell you a lot about yourself and others including likes and dislikes.

We recommend using astrology as a fun, easy way to find the perfect gift that's sure to please this holiday season.

Download the Astro Gift Guide here or explore the whole Astro Collection here.