Holidays, Elderberry, and Rosemary

Elderberry is what we call a "red carpet herb". It's famous for all the reasons an herb should be; it's a powerful immunomodulating plant, it's delicious, safe for all ages of people, and easy to find at your local herb shop.

Herb Pharm has an Elderberry Hot Toddy recipe that we shared with you here (look below for the PDF version). It's a great way to keep your immune system strong this nasty cold/flu season.

But, what if Elderberry isn't as accessible to you? Rosemary is a much more accessible herb found in the culinary section of the grocery store, and a potent medicinal herb. What most do not know is that it has powerful effects on your immune system, while being affordable and accessible. Rosemary got its name from where it was located, near the coastal regions of the Mediterranean, known as "Dew of the Sea". It was later called Rosemary after Mary Magdelan since it was a traditional symbol of fidelity and remembrance.

As herbalists, we use rosemary to help dry out secretions (colds/phlegm), as an anti fungal, and as a memory tonic. Externally, rosemary oil can help hair grow stronger and more abundantly (mix 5 drops of rosemary essential oil to 1 ounce of olive oil and massage scalp daily).

This holiday season we encourage you to find rosemary, make a tea & connect with its beauty, while making Elderberry Toddies for friends and family.

Mix it up & drink your herbs!

XO Laura

Broom keeper, Scarlet Sage

Get the PDF Recipe here

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