Scarlet Sage Wellness Space offers the San Francisco community with practitioners who heal with herbal medicine, energy clearing, Indigenous healing, tarot and divination.

  • Herbalists are people who dedicate their lives to working with medicinal plants. They include native (Indigenous) healers, scientists, naturopaths, holistic medical doctors, researchers, writers, herbal pharmacists, medicine makers, wildcrafters, harvesters and herbal farmers to name a few. (from American Herbalists Guild). Each Herbalist will work with medicinal herbs in their tradition that they have studied.
  • Energy Workers are people who work with the spirit body. These people can use healing tools such as flower essences, sound, herbs, crystals, or sacred incense to move stagnation or negativity. These healers may also include reiki, intuition, ancestral clearing, and/or limpias.
  • Tarot readers use tarot cards to help them divine messages to help you with your path or specific question you may need help answering. Tarot has been used for centuries as an archetypal tool to help understand the deeper parts of one's subconscious and spiritual body.

Herbal Medicine Consultation

Working with a clinical herbalist is like going back in time to the village doctor.

For our initial consultation, we will sit together for 1.5 - 2 hours to discuss the history of your health and the body's patterns of disharmony.

Herbal medicine works with the body to help it find homeostasis as quickly as possible.

Tarot Reading and Dream Interpretation

Gain insight into your soul's path with an intuitive tarot reading. Casey uses the ancient book of the tarot as a guide to navigate your inner most thoughts, feelings, and drives, and aims to help you find solace, truth, and clarity.

Having reoccurring dreams? Receiving messages through dreamtime, but having a difficult time decoding the meaning of the messages? Seeing recurring images, signs, omens? Through symbol interpretation, intuitive counsel, and divination, Casey can guide you to receive your dream and spirit messages with more ease and clarity.

Limpia - Spiritual Cleansing

Limpias are spiritual cleansings done with fresh plants and flowers, along with the power of prayer and intention. We traditionally use limpias to heal from emotional and spiritual imbalances, also after acute shock and trauma to support the spirit and emotional body. Limpias can help us during any major life transitions, to help shed stagnant energy and to call in healing and clarity.

Carsten Energy Alignment™ & Chakra Balancing

Carsten Spencer is the Spiritual Leader of Unity of Ukiah, an inspirational speaker, teacher, mentor and energy worker, he is the creator of Carsten Energy Alignment™ and The Miracle in 3 Breaths™. His intention is to live from the heart, holding a space of love and acceptance that encourages connection, conscious awakening and authentic, creative expression through love, joy, compassion and equanimity.