About Us

Laura Ash Herbalist Scarlet Sage San Francisco

Committed to empowering people with resources for holistic health care since 1995, The Scarlet Sage Herb Co. is San Francisco's favorite spot for herbs, essential oils, and other organic supplements. Supporting the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of each of our customers, we are passionate about educating our community about the power of natural healing. We like to think of our store as more than just that -- our space is a haven for those seeking to make themselves healthy and whole.

As you stroll through our aisles of teas, crystals, candles, herbs, and more, our kind staff members will help you find exactly what it is that your body needs. We are passionate about keeping our community healthy and happy, and we want our commitment to supporting customers in their physical and spiritual journeys to translate to our online presence. With a voice that's welcoming, engaging, and down-to-earth, we'll create content that features our variety of products and promotes our classes.

The Scarlet Sage Herb Co. was founded by two revolutionary herbalist womyn, Dino and Lisa. Dino and Lisa are western herbalists and homeopathists who created a sanctuary of healing in the city where little has been able to match its weight in witchiness, variety, and herbal medicine knowledge. 

In July 2015 Laura Ash, a former employee, acquired Scarlet Sage (passed the broom, if you will) in order for Dino and Lisa to retire. Laura has been a clinical western herbalist since 2005 when she attended the California School of Herbal Studies. Laura has traveled all over the world in search of healing modalities. She has trained in Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad in New Mexico, southern France for essential oils, traveled to Northern Lapland Sweden to seek out her own ancestry medicine, and to Tanzania to work with the Maasai in documenting their traditional medicine, starting Herbal Anthropology Project, 501(c)3, to keep their knowledge safeguarded with Intellectual Property protection. 

Laura is a queer mother of two beautiful children, and a strong advocate for radical self-care for traveling families who are out to create change in the world with love, vision, and passion.

Scarlet Sage Core Values:

- We are a group of herbalists that believe the world is a better place with more access to herbal remedies, herbalists, sustainable health products, spiritual goods, and community support. We believe that people's health is more than just physical; we are spiritual beings, and true health encompasses the mind, body, spirit and earth. We are not disconnected from the earth, we are not disconnected from each other.

- We curate products that are cruelty-free, chemical-free, safe for the planet and your body. 

- We support Indigenous traditional medicine and artisans through the sale of their products.