Welcome to Aquarius Season

The Sun enters the realm of Aquarius, a Fixed Air sign from Jan 20 to Feb 18

This Aquarius season explores our mindset and mental well-being. Saturn is also in Aquarius and will conjunct the Sun on Feb 4, which will feed and recharge Saturn. 

This conjunction is a great time to review our priority and what we wish to see grow in the long run: ideas, hopes, and dreams we want to manifest in the world. Especially ideas that benefit the community. Let's not forget that Aquarius is the sign representing community and minority. It represents people and I, personally, associate this sign with social justice. 

This is also a great time to think of our mental health and how we are implementing every day new tools to improve it: "Am I spending too much time on social media? What will stimulate me intellectually? Or bring me pleasure and emotional satisfaction?”

Mercury, who represents our communication and mind, is currently retrograding. So, this is an excellent time to think about our destructive or negative self-talk. How do we sometimes get wrapped up in repetitive narratives, “Am I good enough? Am I smart enough? Am I thin enough?...”

Mercury retrograde pushes us to understand that our mind can be our own enemy and explore how we can break free from it. 

The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto on February 11, is a good time to ask these questions. Pluto is the planet of the underworld, of transformation, death, and rebirth. Even if it is uncomfortable, this conjunction will help us to see the truth. 

We also have Venus retrograde until Jan 29 and conjunct Mars in Capricorn on Feb 13. What does it all mean? Venus represents the female principle, beauty, pleasure, and finance, and Mars represents the male principle, the action, and the power to move forward. They meet to create a new accord. If you are into New/ Full Moon rituals, you can definitely treat this conjunction like one. So, prep your candle and list of intentions.

This will set the tone for a new way of manifesting your desires where pleasure meets action. It is a beautiful moment to bring two opposite things together. Something that brings you pleasure, financial gain, long-term commitment, or recognition… 

Hope you enjoy Aquarius season,

Karima of The Witches Revolution

Download our Aquarius At a Glance Infographic Here