Self-Love Bath Salt for the Empowered Woman

We live in uncertain times. Uncertainty can invite stress we do not need in our already busy lives. We have children to nurture, careers to hone, and inner well-being to support. These tasks are not easy, but they can be fulfilling if we allow ourselves to relax in what we have accomplished, and that we can be healthy in the moment of now. Bathing (Hydrotherapy) is a ancient remedy for rejuvenation, immune support, and beauty. Adding essential oils and salt to a bath increases it's efficacy by reducing cellular stress and decreasing water retention. Yes please. Here's a bath salt to encourage your inner well-being a better night of sleep. 
Self-Love Bath Salt for the Empowered Woman
1 cup Epsom Salt
1/2 cup Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
5 drops of Rose Otto
1 Tbls. Coconut Oil
+ Rose buds or petals, if you have them
Mix all ingredients in a small ceramic or glass bowl. Breathe in the scent, allowing it to infuse your entire being. Draw a warm bath. Add the bath salt mixture into the bath right before getting in. Relax and enjoy. 
Self-Love Bath Salt