Scorpio Energy & Embracing Intensity

Welcome to Scorpio Season!

There's no sign that thrives in spooky season more than Scorpio. As our sun moves into the sign of the scorpion, it calls forth within all of us (even non-Scorpios) our most confident, honest, and sensual selves.

The essence of Scorpio is fearless and allows us to explore the depths without shying away from intensity.

Emotions, dreams, and shadows become guides that allow us to navigate the underworld of the human experience for growth and change.

During the next month, we can all have a dalliance with Scorpio's mystical, evocative, and transformative energy.

 In fact, we've got the perfect chance to experience Scorpio's cycles of change on November 8th during the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Take note of any intuitive hits that spring up on that day as they most likely come from your deepest place of knowing.

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With mystery and care,

A Scarlet Sage Scorpio