Moon Rituals: What are they and why do we love them? By Kursten Hedgis

Is this you every full moon? Tossing and turning, feeling a subtle pull to this big, bright, shining orb in the sky not knowing exactly how to connect with it?

Well, keep reading - cause you’re in the right place 🙂

One of the most common questions someone asks when they start working with the moon is, “What makes something a *real* moon ritual?” The answer is simple and liberating: a moon ritual can be just about anything!

The only thing you need in order to turn a movement into a ritual is mindful, intentional observance. That means moon rituals are any mindful, intentional observance of the moon cycle that you can dream up.

Our ancestors didn’t have fancy resource books and bestselling reference materials for how to connect to lunar energy. They had their bodies. They had the earth. They had each other. And, they felt a call to connect with their cyclic nature.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve felt that same call to connect with lunar energy. The beauty in the call to work with the moon is this: You also have your body. You also have the earth. And, we also have each other.

So... let’s make some moon magic!

If you're feeling more free-flow and can’t wait another second to dance naked in the woods with the whispers of your ancestors as your only guide, heck yeah! I wish you transformative full moon blessings and send you off into the night 🐺💃🌙🌲🕺

And while our ancestors didn’t have fancy resources and best-selling guides for moon work, I bet if they did... they would have used them!

If you’re wanting a more guided approach to your connection with the full moon on March 28th, check out this Full Moon in Libra Guide specially and lovingly crafted for the Scarlet Sage community.

With grace and gratitude, 



Pagan and new age models of moon work tend to speak in gendered language geared towards CISHET normative points of view.

It’s important to state as clearly and consciously as possible:

You do not need a womb to do moon work. You do not need a menstrual cycle to do moon work. You do not need to identity with any one biological sex over another, nor exemplify any binary system of gender in order to do moon work.

The moon is not a gendered energy. It’s the energy of transformation and change. And everyone has access to that.



Kursten (sag ☀️️/ leo ⬆️ / scorpio🌙) is an herbalist and community facilitator with a nurturing essence endlessly drawn to all avenues of expressing and liberating the divine fxminine.

A roundabout path of studying psychology, communications, and literature, landed her a front-row seat to witness the wonders of energy work and herbalism while working at an acupuncture clinic. From the first time an artfully placed needle stimulated her chi, she was on a mission to unearth and embrace the deep wisdom and liberation the body holds.

She is currently expanding her commitment to herbal education by taking and class assisting the 2021 SOTHA Apprentice Herbalist Program.

When she isn’t making medicine, memorizing herbal actions, or cranking out monographs, you can find her dancing and holding space in the Scarlet Sage zoom room supporting the community as an online event coordinator.

Follow along with her journey