Entering Leo Season - Transmission channeled by Mary Grisey

This is a transmission channeled by Mary Grisey from her Guides, The Council of 12. This message is meant to tap into the energy of the sign Leo, the heart center of the zodiac and the Strength card in the Tarot. 

Dear Beings of Light,

The heart is where the prayer starts. What is your prayer right now, dear ones? Breathe into this place and remember why you are here. The heart always knows. The heart is the portal and the electromagnetic spark of divinity, a reminder that you are a fractal of Source - a fractal of creation. What are you creating right now? 

We would like to bring up your heart’s natural rhythm to the earth - like a drumbeat into the multiverse - activating all versions of you. You are connected to everything, and it is the love of why you are here that is so special. Each and every one of you has an incredible mission set forth in front of them. You incarnated on Earth at this time for a reason, as this is what we call the “breakthrough moment” of humanity. When you begin to activate your Soul as a whole, you will start to see the vastness of your being. Unfortunately there are many humans activating only a portion of their being out of fear, conditioning and patterning. It only takes a few of you to ignite the true power within, and that power will ripple out into the universe, activating others by example. We are already feeling the true awakening and elevation of humanity. 

The unique signature of your human DNA at this time is incredible. We are witnessing you change and de-pattern generational traumas. This is a time in history like no other. You are the movers, the disrupters and the healers that will ultimately save the world from despair. We thank you for this. 

As you focus on your power within, the heart has a way of expanding in frequency and this will make you unstoppable. Right now we invite you to be ok that your heart prayer may simply be an act of sitting still. To consciously uncover what your Soul already knows within. Once you uncover the truth, you are unstoppable because the current of your Spirit will already be set in motion. 

We end this transmission with immense gratitude for all that you are, dear ones. The strength of your prayer is heard. 

We love you, we love you, we love you. 

The Council of 12.

****The Council of 12 are a collective of extradimensional light beings from multiple star systems who assist the growth and development of human souls on Earth. Some of them are our ancient Earth ancestors from another dimensional timeline and channel through me to help the collective awakening at this time.