Cultivate Your Abundance This Virgo Season by Karima

After the passionate and daring energies of Leo season, Virgo quickly brings us back to Earth with a different, more grounded rhythm. Our attention turns inward. It is essential to follow the rhythm of the changing seasons… let's dive into the spirit of Virgo!

This mutable season was all about harvesting. Virgo is an earth sign, practical and pragmatic. It is associated with the root chakra. Healing our root chakra is about nurturing us, grounding us, nurturing our inner child, and creating a safety cushion for ourselves.

The constellation of Virgo would be in the image of the goddess Persephone, both young goddess of the harvest and queen of the underworld. Her ability to have one foot in both realms illuminates her connection to the cycles of death and life. This balance of duality is a very important theme in implementing Virgo Magick.

It is a great time to prioritize wellness by incorporating healthy habits, restructuring your routine, and reviewing your finances. This is especially the case now that Uranus, the planet of revolution and upheaval, is retrograde in Taurus. This transit pushes us to focus on our relationship with the land, food, earth, and our value. Uranus is asking us to take responsibility for tomorrow's world, reconnecting with the living and embodying the values that care about our Mother Earth. 

Beginning September 9, Mercury will be retrograde too in Libra.  Mercury rules Virgo's sign, making this season more intense than usual.  And this one teaches us that nothing can be perfect. This transit is teaching us to be more comfortable with the fact that perfection doesn't exist. This retrograde Mercury will show you where a balance needs to be restored in your life, but that balance may not begin to settle until October 3, when Mercury turns direct.

VIRGO Season Ritual - all about cleaning  

With all those retrogrades happening during Virgo season. The time is “to CLEAN.” And I mean cleaning in a physical sense. It is the first step to clearing our heads and helps us get to the core of what we need to learn during Virgo season.

Reorganize our wardrobe, sort, tidy, and clean your closets, bedroom, house, and office. Use cedar, frankincense, palo santo, or desert sage to clean your space energetically and imagine all the magic and joy that will come to your space.

with Love