Cancer Season & Venus in Leo

by Heather Cohen

The Summer Solstice is here, riding in at the same time as the Sun moves into Cancer. In Cancer we move into the realm of family, home, and belonging. This is the realm of emotion, water, and memory.

Many of the outer planets, Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune are also turning retrograde in June, meaning they appear to stand still in the sky. The outer "planets" are more impersonal and tend to grind through our collective lives only hitting hard when they aspect exact degrees of our chart. 

Saturn used to be thought of as the last planet in the solar system and so represented the end. It symbolizes the finite quality of the material realm and the boundaries of existence in the physical form.

With Saturn in Pisces for the next 2.5 years we are being asked to create boundaries and structure around areas of addiction and illusion. In a collective sense this can be limits on addictions to media or any "opiate of the masses".

Saturn also helps materialize spiritual and emotional dreams, which can be wonderful. Saturn can give feelings of restriction around emotional and spiritual connections. When Saturn goes retrograde as it did on June 17, 2023 there can be an easing up on restrictions in these areas.

While Saturn is feared or dreaded as The Lord of Karma, its job is really to help us take full responsibility for our little part in collective liberation from illusion. Pluto will also dip back into Capricorn so any themes that came up in January 2023 will be back for the next 6-8 months. In the sign of Capricorn, Pluto explores power, hierarchy, structures, plutocracies, secrets, finances, abuses of power or sexuality.

In 2024 Pluto will finally move into Aquarius, the sign of innovation, and collectively we will explore the shadow/light and transformation around new innovation. 

On a lighter note, lovely Venus will be entering Leo for a full 5 Months June-October. Ruled by the heart, romance, drama, self expression, warmth, light, and creativity will reign. Venus' magnetism will dazzle any area of your chart that Leo resides. Venus rules love, money, creation, abundance, your values, creativity, fertility, and flow. Venus will retrograde July 22-Sept 3.

Venus retrograde is the perfect time to refine your relationships, how you express your creativity, how you make money, and how you receive and give love. Venus in Leo will also have you noticing your appearance and the retrograde will have you refining the way you appear and express yourself in relationship and your values.

The Sun enters Cancer on June 21 and we begin to move into the watery domain of family, home, belonging, sensitivity, Mothers/children, the past, security. This deep dive into the realm of family and belonging explores both an internal and external sense of home, family and belonging.

In essence Cancer speaks to the Feminine Creation principal and how we nurture and protect our inner sanctum, the divine child within, our children, our communities, and the earth herself.

A beautiful time to get under the moon and be in water!