Online Class: Venus Retrograde in Gemini. Setting up stage for the second half of the year with Mariana Balkar - May 15th, 6pm-7:30pm


Venus retrograde happens approximately every 18 months and it is a time of introspection and reevaluation, a chance to go inward and to make wholesome choices from the place where we won’t accept anything less than what we truly deserve.

We will be asking ourselves some hard questions about what holds the most importance in our lives, what do we allow to influence our choices and how can we hold our ground in the time of uncertainty and external pressure. 

Venus retrograde in Gemini will bring a level of confusion and indecisiveness, and not jumping to conclusions, making hasty decisions, while patiently letting the story unfold, is the goal. 

To understand the cycles that are accompanying this retrograde is crucial to making choices that are going to serve us once we exit the Retrograde period at the end of July.

This retrograde begins with a very karmically important connection with Neptune, planet of illusion, dreams and extreme sensitivity, which acts as a testing ground for our integrity and honesty. And we end the retrograde with Venus making connection with Neptune once again, but under different circumstances. Themes of self worth and ability to make choices from a high value standpoint are taking center stage here.

Mariana will walk you through the major influences and themes of Venus Retrograde, Venus in Gemini energy, how the retrograde period and the way we understand it’s ebb and flow can help us enter the second part of 2020 on the right foot. 

About the teacher

Where does one find treasure map to one’s ultimate life purpose? Mariana is astrologer born and raised in Russia who has been mastering the craft of the natal chart interpretation for over 8 years but hasn’t come out of the broom closet to her family and friends until very recently. Few Towers had to collapse and few leaps of faith made towards the magic of Cosmic language.

Mariana believes that your chart is The treasure map, marked with all the best routes, places to rest and warning signs to avoid getting stuck. She will help you navigate this road, but will always remind you that you are in the driving seat, and it is up to you at the end of the day how well you can use the information she will share.

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