The Transformative Power of Grief and Loss with Carsten Spencer - December 3rd, 6PM - 7:30PM PT

During this class, you will learn to you see loss as an opportunity to awaken to your core energies and an invitation to reboot your life.

Grief and loss are an inescapable part of our human experience.

Loss and the accompanying feelings of grief, depression, anxiety, and confusion can overwhelm us, stopping us in our tracks. We lose our focus and inspiration, even our sense of self.

We are now living through an unprecedented time of loss and grief. Many of us have lost loves ones and most of us have lost a way of life that we had taken for granted.

In this group workshop, Carsten Spencer shows you how grief can be the doorway to higher understanding and a deeper connection to the unseen energies and support that surround us.

We will not only learn to connect and communicate with loved ones who have passed, as we allow the grief to open the heart we have access to the army of angels and guides that support our earth experience.

For more info on Carsten's Grief Counseling work click here.

    This class will take place online via Zoom. There will be an audio recording for those unable to attend.

    Spiritual Mentor, inspirational speaker, teacher, and energy worker. Carsten is the creator of Carsten Energy Alignment™ and The Miracle in 3 Breaths™. His intention is to live from the heart, holding a space of love and acceptance that encourages connection, conscious awakening and authentic, creative self-expression. For 7 years he was the Spiritual Leader of Unity of Ukiah. Carsten is also an artist, actor/performer, playwright and director. “Carsten is a leader, a visionary healer and teacher creating a new vision of what it is to live in our bodies with health, peace and power. His techniques move people from fear and disempowerment to knowing that they have the power, vision and gifts to heal themselves.” (Sue Frederick, Author, Intuitive & Key Note Speaker)“ "Just being in Carsten’s presence brings a feeling of calm and peace. His guided meditations alone raise me up to a wonderful high vibration. He makes beautiful sounds with his voice that open our chakras and heals our bodies." (Jill M., Client)

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