Recording: The Alchemical Energy of Breath: 6 Part Immersive Series with Lindsay Kumari Jaya


Using the breath to connect authentically with your lineage of ancestral guidance

In this progressive meditation experience, Lindsay Kumari Jaya immerses you into the philosophy and practice of ancestral guidance with Breathwork. Dive deeply into your intuition as you explore or refine the power of intentional breathing and visualization tools.

Connect authentically with the energetic power held within your very DNA & learn to unlock guidance from every experience that came before you. Activate communication with your unique lineage of ancestral energy and initiate ritual practices to preserve and protect your most potent insights.

In each (90 minute) session you will:

  • experience a guided initiation meditation based on the foundations of ancestral connection and energetic communication

  • explore archetypes and symbolism to help navigate significant and relevant life experiences

  • clarify your curiosities with the unseen energy of your spirit guides

  • create personalized rituals to strengthen your access to ancestral guidance

  • participate in one or more of the following components: community/breakout group discussions, journaling practices, interactive Q&A sessions, or community archetype reading.

This course is available for purchase as a complete series. If you would rather purchase each session individually, just click the individual listings below!

Class One: Eros + Agape

Theme: Eros + Agape - Shades of Love from Passion to Devotion: Initiate into the vibration of love. Connect with your lineage over the experiences of love, lust, affection, admiration & desire.

Breathwork Practice: Restricted Breathing - Ujjayi Breath

Class Two: Thanatos

Theme: Thanatos - Death: Explore your relationship with observation, acceptance & transformation in the unknown.

Breathwork Practice: Intermediate Ratio Breath (for strong breath stamina)

Class Three: Apocalypsis

Theme: Apocalypsis - Rebirth: Awaken insights that have traveled with you from long ago, perhaps from all of the strong individuals who came directly before you or in your lifetimes of the past.

Breathwork Practice: Intro to Potent Visualization & Breath

Class Four: Gnosis & Aletheia

Theme: Gnosis & Aletheia - The Big Feeling: Access to your inner “knowing” - initiate or fuel a connection with your own deeply held guidance and intuitions of your lineage of guides and ancestors.

Breathwork Practice: Breath of Fire - Kapalabhati

Class Five: Kairos + Chronos

Theme: Kairos + Chronos - The Illusion of Time and Space: Shatter the barriers of time and space to receive messages or insights from alternative planes of existence. Connect with the vast dimensions of reality and conscious experience.

Breathwork Practice: Body Scan and Intro to Finding Yoga Nidra (or the space between wakefulness & sleep)

Class Six: Anima Mundi

Theme: Anima Mundi - The Vital, Infinite Energy of the Collective: Fully immerse yourself in the electric flow of the infinite & unseen. First balance the body in a grounding breath practice designed to prepare your body to explore a sense of infinite which may lie in your soul of individual experience. Then dive deeply into a guided protection meditation.

Breathwork Practice: Ascendant Meditation - Combining Yoga Nidra with Potent Visualization Breath

All classes in the series are available as video replay. 

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Lindsay Kumari Jaya is an international yoga and meditation specialist who has shared breathing techniques & transformational mindfulness practices across the world in locations such as Australia, Canada & The Philippines! Find more examples of her work @lovemindfulmovement on Instagram!

This is a video recording of a previous live class.

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