Video Recording: Tarot Spells for Road Opening: Clear Energetic Obstacles to a Better Future with Halicue Hanna


Tarot isn’t just for divination! It is a powerful tool to connect to your intuition to help inspire, plan and create powerful rituals and amplify your spell casting. Because of its varied archetypes, Tarot is a brilliant modality for creating power and focusing intention around Road Opening Work. Workshop participants will leave with the knowledge, tools, and correspondences to create their own Road Opening altar and rituals.  

 In this class, you will:

  • Discuss a comprehensive introduction to Road Opening Work and its key terms and concepts.
  • Review the 5 most potent Tarot archetypes to guide and anchor Road Opening Work + 3 Tarot Spreads to ignite creativity and inspire actions towards new ventures and personal goals. 
  • Review my favorite correspondences from my hoodoo tradition (herbs, crystals & talismans).

 Spellwork Ingredients List to Bring to Class:

  • Table Salt (a palmful) 
  • One yellow or orange chime candle (white is fine to substitute) 
  • Small Jar
  • Clean cloth napkin or fabric square.
  • Sunflower seeds, or sunflower petals
  • Small piece of citrine, carnelian or clear quartz (or favorite stone of your choice. 
  • Tarot Card worksheet cutouts (downloadable asset, instructor provided) 
  • Tarot Deck 
  • Journal & a pen

Watch Halicue's intro video here!


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Born and reared in southern Mississippi, Halicue identifies spiritually as an “eclectic hoodoo.” Halicue is an intuitive Tarot advisor and Akashic Records guide. She provides holistic, immersive readings that combine her Tarot expertise and intuitive gifts with the unique richness of her ancestral lineage and cultural style. Before bringing her gifts to the intuitive business and sacred arts space, she was a women’s crisis counselor, community educator and program director and volunteer advocate for over fifteen years. She’s owner of The Gilded Apsara, an online Tarot and Oracle Oasis for women, the co-creator and co-host of the Pillars, the Porch and the Path podcast. Halicue is the #1 ranked Tarot Creator on the Clubhouse and featured reader at The Scarlet Sage Herb. Co and is member of the Tarot faculty of The Land of Verse.

Instagram: @thegildedapsara
Clubhouse: @tarotapsara 

This is a video recording of a previous live class.

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