ONLINE: Spiritual Ancestry: Genealogical Research Meets Ancestral Healing with Bee Dawson - August 18th, 5:30-7:30PM PT


We have the ability to heal our ancestral lines.

Uncovering the roots of our ancestral legacies is a powerful practice that has the potential for individual, familial and cultural transformation. Each of us descends from a long line of earth dwelling humans. These humans, our Ancestors, are multi-dimensional and complex with unique personal stories woven within the historical events of their time. For centuries, practices of ancestral remembrance were passed down from parent to child. The last 500+ years have taken much from our collective memories, least not our remembered connection to those who came before.

To walk the path of remembering demands from each of us a commitment to not only tell the truth, but also hear and feel the truth of who we once were and who we still are today.

Join me on August 18th to learn practical and spiritual tools to aide you on your own path of ancestral remembrance and healing.

What you will learn/experience:

  • We will begin by petitioning our Well Ancestors for their support, protection and guidance.
  • You will learn how to conduct “bare bones” style research on your ancestors using genealogy software and the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS).
  • We will wade into the waters of psychological theories, i.e. how viewing our ancestors through the lens of attachment theory and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves while giving us the tools needed to change generational patterns.
  • We will learn practices for spiritual hygiene and protection as we delve into our ancestral stories.
  • We will discuss how to work with plant & spirit allies specific to Ancestor work and participate in ritual to aid in the healing of generational patterns.

Recommended Items to have on hand:

  • Glass of water
  • Candle -any kind or color works. In my personal practice, I utilize beeswax tapers
  • Dried Mugwort and container for burning (can be purchased at your local herb shop or Scarlet Sage)
  • Journal or Notebook
  • Flower Essences such as Star of Bethlehem or Comfrey (can be found at your local herb shop or Scarlet Sage)

Class Prep

Pick a branch of your family you’d like to focus your research on. Begin with a parent and working backwards at least one or two generations, documenting as much as you can regarding names, birth/death dates, and birth location for each Ancestor. Don’t worry if you can’t locate all the information right away – that’s what research is for! Resources and examples will be available for download prior to the workshop.

*I am committed to anti-racist and anti-oppression values and would like to acknowledge the inherent racism embedded within modern genealogical practice which makes tracing Ancestors of Black and Indigenous lineage extremely difficult. I am not an expert in African-American or American Indigenous genealogical research. A list of resources and links to tips, strategies and BIPOC genealogists will be available.

*This class takes place online. Live attendance is highly encouraged, but we understand life happens. There will be a video replay for those pre-registered students unable to attend.

How to access the Zoom Link + Video Replay: You will receive a link upon registration to access the live class zoom link, video replay, and class materials through our online secure learning platform, Thinkific.

Bee is a queer nonbinary nurse, liver transplant recipient, animist folk witch and family historian living with their partner & kids on 4 acres in rural Virginia on the ancestral lands of the Occaneechi and Saponi tribes. A descendant of early Virginia colonists & settlers, Bee’s work over the last several years has focused on ancestral, personal and familial healing within the historical context of settler and European colonialism.

A journey that began in childhood, they believe in the transformative healing that occurs when Americans of European lineage refuse to continue to replicate ancestral patterns of avoidance and repression.

A lover of woodlands and the liminal space where water meets sky, Bee is most at home among the plants and spirits of the Appalachian and Piedmont regions of Virginia. Their ancient European Ancestors are from the lands of lochs, nestled among the highest of cliffs & lowest of caves. Tangled briars, Hawthorne trees and the smell of heather mixing with sea.

Bee’s deep love for their homelands and humanity is what drives their work. They believe a key component in creating a society where all humans experience true liberation lies in a willingness to acknowledge the continuing legacies of white supremacy and a commitment to healing through both personal ritual and participation in structural and systemic changes such as reconciliation and reparations.


- Registration is required for online classes. Please note that we will close online registrations an hour before the start of the class.

- This class takes place live online. Live attendance is encouraged, but we understand life happens. 

How to access the Zoom Link + Video Replay: You will receive a link upon registration to access the live class zoom link, video replay, and class materials through our online secure learning platform, ThinkificPlease check your spam folder if you have not received it and email us.

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