Online Healing Group, Breathwork for Grief & Grace with Inbal - August 21st, 6-8pm PT

Many of us are facing waves of personal and collective grief in these times. In modern western culture that rejects and sublimates dark and difficult emotions, we are encouraged to hide our suffering, and keep an appearance of strength and control; but grief is still there, doing the sacred work of the soul.

Everything in nature is in a constant state of composition and decomposition, this includes us. We go through multiple cycles of life-death-life in our lifetime; these cycles are fueled by Grief & Joy, which are the great composting agents of pain and loss; we all welcome joy, but when we deny grief, we arrest our own evolutionary cycles.

To work with grief is to work across time and space; as unresolved past grief will manifest as future grief for what hasn't happened yet. As we heal ourselves, we unfold new layers of grieving for what was, what could be, and what never will. Somatic Breathwork helps us forgive, release, and lighten our load.
When we do this work, grief becomes the fertile and wise soil in which we plant our future selves.
In this Breathwork journey, we will commune with our personal and collective grief, and move through it in compassion, tenderness, and gratitude for all of its wisdom. You can think of this as a form of soul retrieval, or a personal ceremony for that which is ready to be released.
About Breathwork meditation:
Breathwork is a somatic practice, and an active meditation that can help us release stagnant energy, reaching deep levels of calm and clarity. Lying down on a comfortable surface we breath in a specific pattern to curated sound and guidance. This practice helps us create space in our body by releasing incompatible energy, tune into our essence, and tap into our ability to self heal. Breathwork is WORK, it requires you to show up %100 for yourself and there lies its beauty. This type of Breathwork may help with an Increased sense of self love and clarity about one's purpose, emotional spaciousness and lightness, transmutation of difficult life events, somatic release of emotional trauma stored in the body, and spiritual development.
"The Breathwork in your class was absolutely mind-blowing. Shock, surprise, joy, peace and tears, waves and waves of emotion but most of all, being able to sense my being and energy was beyond anything I ever imagined. By the end of the 20 min. breathing process I felt giant and glowing balls of energy around my hands, pulsing with the beat of my heart, it was the most 'out of this world' experience I've had...ever!! " ~Niya, I.

"The Breathwork circles led by Inbal have changed my perspective on the power of breath, as it relates to our physical and emotional well being. I have attended twice now, both times entering the circle with anxiety and tenseness, and leaving worry-free, buzzing with a newfound calm. It's apparent how much thought and experience goes into each session, your body and mind will thank you." ~Susan McKinney

"Inbal’s approach to facilitation is to masterfully straddle both ends of the spectrum: serious and playful. She created a sense of safety and trust with the group, guiding us gently into what would become a powerful and transformative experience." ~Josie L.
Inbal is a certified Breathwork meditation guide and Sound healer with a deep background in design leadership. Her mission is to help you discover the power of your breath and voice as instruments of self healing. By integrating her knowledge and lived experience of the creative process and the healing arts, she is able to help individuals and groups achieve greater access to clarity, coherence, and creativity in service of their personal and professional goals.

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