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Rosemary, Verbenone


Rosemary essential oil has a refreshing, clean and vibrant herbaceous smell which is reminiscent of a beautiful garden. Rosemary has been associated with memory and love since the early days of the ancient Egypt. It is a familiar evergreen shrub which grows all over the world and loves coastal regions. It was known by the ancient Greeks as ‘dew of the sea’. Rosemary essential oil is used extensively for respiratory, memory, skin care and circulatory health. It has a widely loved scent which fills the air in the coastal cliffs of Italy and in magnificent herbal gardens around the world.

Veriditas Botanicals is proud to offer two different 100% certified organic varieties of Rosemary, Rosemary cineol and Rosemary verbenone. These two varieties are the same genus, species and carry the same Latin binomial but are different chemotypes meaning that they are selected for their abundance of specific organic compounds in this case cineole or verbenone. The difference is clear when one takes time to enjoy their aromas them side by side; the cineol is more minty then the more herbaceous and fresh/ green verbenone. The cineol chemotype is more cooling and stimulating in scent and has an affinity for respiratory/ circulatory health; verbenone has some interesting ketones and is much better for skin care. Specifically for reducing puffy eyes, and amazing skin tone regeneration and elasticity. Also, acting as a mucolytic in sinus and lung formulas.
- Information by Melissa Farris, founder of Veriditas Botanicals