Rosemary, Cineol

Rosemary, Cineol

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Rosemary has a long history of use in food, medicine and sacred traditions. The early use of this herb was not in essential oil form but was as a whole herb which was burned in religious ceremony as an anti-microbial and scared incense. In the old days considerations of sanitation was much different then today and the burning of rosemary and other cleansing herbs was a way to prevent illness and provide a beautiful aromatic atmosphere. Rosemary was burned in the middle ages to prevent the spread of the plague and other illness. Rosemary essential oil has a refreshing, clean and vibrant herbaceous smell which is reminiscent of a beautiful garden. Rosemary has been associated with memory and love since the early days of the ancient Egypt. It is a familiar evergreen shrub which grows all over the world and loves coastal regions. It was known by the ancient Greeks as ‘dew of the sea’.

Rosemary essential oil is used extensively for respiratory, memory, skin care and circulatory health. It has a widely loved scent which fills the air in the coastal cliffs of Italy and in magnificent herbal gardens around the world.

Rosemary essential oil has many uses and is in many of Veriditas Botanicals wellness formulas including: acne treatment, varicose vein treatment, mental clarity and sinus congestion. Rosemary essential oil is used alone and in blends to help the air pathways of the body function smoothly. This includes aiding in removal of excess mucus and allergens, opening the sinuses and lungs and helping with cold and flu. It brings additional clarity to the mind and has been highlighted for thousands of years for its memory improving power. It is great for reducing mental fatigue, improving focus, lifting vitality, and bringing additional circulation to the brain. It is great for studying, writing reports, doing research, yoga, athletics, and excellent safe option for anyone suffering from impaired memory and limited mental clarity.

Rosemary essential oil is very safe and non-toxic and can be used diluted with children and the elderly. Looking through my resources some books state that it should not be used during pregnancy while other list it as safe for pregnancy. It should not be used with epileptics.

Rosemary essential oil blends well with peppermint, lavender, lemon, Douglas fir, Scotch pine, lemongrass, tea tree, helichrysum, eucalyptus, sandalwood, cedar, frankincense, myrrh and ravensara.

*Information given is the historical and use of medicinal herbs. This information is for educational purposes only, not FDA approved. We do not intend to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please use all essential oils under the advice and council of your local herbalist, aromatherapist, midwife, spiritual advisor, and/or doctor.