Ritual Cleansing Floorwash


Floor washes are used to fully integrate our magical intentions into our living spaces. Herbal washes can be used to cleanse negative energy from your space and to call in positive blessings.

Floor washes can be done anytime, but are specifically helpful on the new/full moon, to magnify prayers, or at the new year to welcome fresh energy.

Make sure to sweep your home with a broom before washing the floor, and envision the energy either being removed from your space or drawing into your space. To remove energy, sweep out the front door. To call in energy, sweep out the back door.


A special formulated blend of organic herbs for ritual cleaning and floor washing.

Use our CLEANSING floor wash for general energetic blessing and purification in the home. A great ritual for new homes or spaces to reset energy and release any stagnant vibrations.

Made with strong herbs like rue, bay leaf, and hyssop.

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Scarlet Sage

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