Video Recording: Asian American Herbalism: The Resilience of Roots with Erin Masako Wilkins


Root medicine is a cornerstone of Asian American herbalism. It is a practice of making medicine with roots and herbs to increase our vitality and strengthen our Qi, bolstering the source of our vitality and very life force itself. Qi energy does not just belong to us as individuals, but it's also passed down to us through our ancestors. When we work with root medicine, we also work with the genealogical inheritance that affects our wellness on a daily basis – and we connect more deeply to our own ancestral roots and stories.

Working with root medicine, and returning to the ancestral roots of herbal medicine, gives us the unique tools to build resilience in the face of modern culture and all the ways it can deplete our vitality and identity: our very sense of rootedness.

In this class we will deepen our relationship to these special root-medicine plants through the Asian American folk and herbalist practices of storytelling and Qigong energy work, opening up whole new relationships to the plants.

We will personalize these plant teachings by giving you the ability to assess what Qi looks like in your own body, helping you identify the specific herbs you need to improve the strength of your unique individual and ancestral Qi. We will also work with a recipe for making your own rooted resilience broth. And we will craft an energizing, resilient tea blend with herbs that can be found at your local market.

Suggested materials for the class:
• ginger root
• mint
• dandelion greens or shiso leaves
• green tea
• goji berries
• tea pot and hot water kettle

    *This class takes place online. Live attendance is highly encouraged, but we understand life happens. There will be a video replay for those pre-registered students unable to attend.

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    Erin Masako Wilkins is an Asian American herbalist and acupuncturist. Her clinical work is rooted in Eastern energetic theory - tapping into her own ancestral healing traditions to empower others to restore health and prevent illness. She has been a practicing herbalist for over a decade specializing in Asian folk remedies and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is passionate about applying Eastern energetics to domestically grown herbs and herbal medicine. 

    A seasoned educator, her classes include Asian American herbalism and folk traditions, TCM theory, seasonal wellness, and community care workshops. Erin has a master’s degree from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, CA. Her book, Asian American Herbalism: Folk Traditions in Modern Day Practice, is set for publication in Spring 2023. To learn more about her work visit

    IG handle: @herbfolkmedicine

    This is a video recording of a previous live class.

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