ONLINE: Herbs for Healthy Grieving - An Elemental Guide to Death and Dying with Greta de la Montagne - May 18th 6:30PM-8:30PM PST


A firsthand, intimate look at the elemental forces at work during the grieving process, and a possible outline of ways a person might elicit a more natural, healthy and sustainable process using herbs, food, and activities. Ceremonies and memorial celebrations will be discussed, primarily from an Earth-Spirituality perspective, as well as suggested routines and resources for supporters and advocates who might act as guides along the path.

Specifics include body preparation, memorial rituals, moon cycle, seasons and Earth elements that mark progress along the grieving path, as well as an overview of foods and herbal formulas that assist in healing from the intense shock and brain trauma that accompanies sudden loss. 

After attending this presentation, participants will be able to: 

  • Explain the dying process through an Ayurvedic and elemental lens.
  • Know how to better support themselves or someone going through the grieving process.
  • Understand the categories of herbs that are supportive during times of sorrow and intense grief.


A word from Greta about how to prepare for this offering:

"Have your self-care supplies like tea and water readily available, a washable hankie, and an aromatic of some kind. This could be a room/space clearing spray, an anointing oil, a twig or bough of an aromatic plant & a small bowl of water to dip it in, or a burnable aromatic. You will also need: a candle to burn, altar or sacred objects, and even a photo of a departed loved one if you'd like. Surround yourself with Fire Smoke Water Sight Earth Smell Air Sound Ether Feels. 

Additionally, you can prepare in advance for some self-care afterwards, perhaps getting a bathtub ready to be filled with an epsom salt Magnesium soak after the class is done.  

We’re going to speed facefirst and deep into this class, so please endeavor to fortify and feed yourself a good proteinaceous meal before we begin!

Please arrive early to center yourself and be on time with your body as well as your mind and soul."

*This class takes place online. Live attendance is highly encouraged, but we understand life happens. There will be a video replay for those pre-registered students unable to attend.

How to access the Zoom Link + Video Replay: You will receive a link upon registration to access the live class zoom link, video replay, and class materials through our online secure learning platform, Thinkific.

Support Donations:

Greta de la Montagne is a clinical herbalist in private and public health practice for over 30 years. She’s managed a garden apothecary and farm in coastal Humboldt County among the redwoods for nearly 20 years.  She separated from her life partner in 2014, tragically lost her 11 yr old son in 2015, and then two grandparents passed on. In the process of helping herself and her 14 yr old daughter along the healing process, she experimented, self-taught by trial and error and took copious notes along their mostly herbal-based grieving journey.  Greta teaches widely and directs the nonprofit Southwest School of Botanical Medicine which supports the website offering of the “godfather” of western herbalism; her teacher Michael RS Moore. 







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