Night Facial Serum

  • $29.95

Night time is the space for our darkness, our rituals for beauty and spiritual awakening. Night is the time for us to honor our depths, the space we find when we truly love ourselves. 

With our darkness comes our strength and our light.
Night creates balance. Balance transforms dissonance into harmony.
Night is essential. You are essential. You are beautiful.

Night Facial Serum contains:
Organic Golden Jojoba oil, Organic Rose Hip Seed oil, Organic Shea Nut oil, Organic Evening Primrose oil, Carrot Root CO2, Organic Helichrysum essential oil, Organic Lavender essential oil, Vit E, and magic.

Directions for Use:
Massage 1/2 dropperful of Night Serum into just cleansed or toned skin with the idea of bringing your beautiful darkness into your everyday life.