New Moon Activated Bath Salts

  • $19.95

New Moon energy is cleansing, purifying, banishing. It's the time to plant the seeds of intention. It's the tomb that's also the womb.

Black salts infused with black tourmaline energizes, transmutes negativity, and instills serenity during times of stress. Essential oils of black spruce and juniper have been blended with complex absolutes of jasmine and lavender to call forth the dark beauty of a new moon night.

New Moon Bathing Ritual:
During the darkness of the New Moon set the intention by lighting candles, burn resin (ideally benzoin), and fill the bath with warm water. As you offer a handful of the New Moon salts to the water, state your intentions of what of what you are letting go (sweating and releasing) and what you are calling in. While you are bathing breath in the scent of the essential oils, thank your higher self for making time to bathe. Really love your bath. After bathing anoint yourself with the New Moon ritual oil to keep your intentions with you throughout the night and day.