Nectar Essences Focus Brain Boost 3.5ml

Are you lacking focus or need to concentrate a little harder? Need a boost of confidence?

We all have events or deadlines that present a mental challenge, be it a test, project, presentation, or performance. Our focus, brain-boost formula frees you from anxiety and boosts your concentration and memory, giving you that important edge so you can do your best. Organic oils of spearmint and peppermint help sharpen your mind, while citrusy blood orange and lemon refresh and energize. Try a little focus, brain-boost at the temple and see how easy it is to tap into your confidence and inner genius.

When to Use

Learning and Focus - To help boost concentration, comprehension and retention for a prolonged period, inhale for 30 seconds, repeating every half hour as needed.

Performance - Just before the presentation, test or event, rub one drop on temple, careful to avoid eyes.

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xo Scarlet Sage



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