Meditation with Plants of the Sonoran/Chihuahuan Desert


Flower Essence Meditation

Plants spirits are our ancestors and as wise, benevolent beings they teach us how to heal. In an urban environment we are most likely to have access to the physical medicine plants offer: remedies to heal acute conditions as well as the chronic symptoms of stress, emotional pain, unhealthy relationship patterns, etc. In capitalism we must do what we can to stay productive so plant medicine is often used as a crutch to keep the body / mind going. Flower medicine offers healing on the emotional/spiritual/psychic level and works to address issues at the root. Working with flower essences in this way gives us an opportunity to sit with a plant’s energy when we don’t have the time / space / resources to seek out and sit next to the plants themselves.

The space offered in this plant meditation is a moment to sit, be embodied and explore one’s inner world guided by the wisdom of a plant spirit. These meditations attune an individual to their own rhythms and allow them to see how the plants want to work with and heal us. We will be working with plant species from the northern Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts of so-called Southern Arizona. In my experience the medicine of these deserts is profound and taps into ancestral sources of strength / support to offer perspective through a realistic lens that cuts through fears of abundance / scarcity to heal wounds and dysfunctional patterns at their core.

The format for these explorations will be silent meditation with a flower essence followed by time to journal about one’s experience, then space to share within the group container. We will see similarities and differences in people’s journeys that will help us to understand how the plant works with different circumstances and constitutional types. No previous meditation or herbal experience is necessary though if time and interest allow there will be some discussion about the physical medicine or natural history of certain plants. Additionally we will discuss techniques for dropping into a meditative space and for communicating with the plant.. so don’t be intimidated!

Bring yourself and a willingness to be open and explore. Wear comfortable clothes. *Please bring pen and a journal / paper.

There will also be an opportunity for participants to make their own dosage bottle of the essences to continue working with the plants. There will be a small additional fee for the dropper bottles and spring water. 

This class will be ongoing monthly.

About the teacher:
Ruta Lauleva Aiono is a birth worker and healer currently living in Oakland, CA. Her whole life she has healed for others by taking on their energies and transforming them in her body- the desert taught her protect herself and now the bay and the ocean are pushing her to grow.

She spent several years passing long periods of time in the north Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts learning the land and the plants. In 2013 she was fortunate to simultaneously begin working with flower essences under the guidance of her friend and teacher Mimi Kamp and start an apprenticeship with a traditional midwife at a birth center primarily serving families from Sonora, Mx. these relationships helped give context and grounding to several years of traveling / learning from every teacher that she could about the medicine our plants ancestors share, how to harvest and prepare wild foods, holistic health in spite of the medical industrial complex, natural rhythms of the body, preparing whole and fermented foods in spite of capitalism and reconnection with the earth as reconnection to Self.

She continues to learn from the plants, the land, the ocean, the sky and all the beings that inhabit them. she is grateful to all of them and to her ancestors for guiding and protecting her always.

Events cancellation policy:

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ADA Compliance: 
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