Video Recording: Integrating Past Lives through the Akasha with Rohini Moradi


Take a deep breath.
Travel inward to the heart of the Akashic Records.
Access your past lives for the purpose of healing and integration

Rohini Moradi, the founder of Magic Inclined, leads you through a meditative journey into your Akashic Records.

Sit back, receive, and be guided to the heart of the records where you can access the endless past versions and experiences of your consciousness.

What you will learn / experience:
- Guided Akashic Records meditation from a magical AR reading practitioner
- Meet past self and gain understanding
- Engaged, empowered, and grounded past life healing for integration, not retraumatization

Note: It’s highly recommended that participants do not consume alcohol or mind-altering drugs at least 24 hours prior to class (coffee and prescriptions are okay!). The minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

This is a video recording of a previous live class.

How to watch the course: You will receive a link upon registration to watch the course on our online platform.

Rohini was born in Iran as the daughter of Krishna Consciousness devotees, which is something most people have never heard of before - a Hindi Iranian! She traveled throughout India living temple-to-temple and practicing yoga every day, through a childhood steeped in spiritual activity... but she faced resistance when her family fled to the United States and had to acclimate to an entirely different worldview. Rohini was constantly churning along with the engine, but in doing so, she ran into a number of crossroads -- all of which returned her attention to spiritual inclinations. As an adult, Rohini had been evolving for years along with raising a family, and was in yoga teacher training while pregnant with her second daughter, Rishi. The overwhelming grief of Rishi’s unexpected death at 2 months old converted her full attention and intention toward spiritual awakening and awareness. Rohini’s whole family delved into 'Spirit Detective' work - and they have been on the case ever since! Rohini began a deeper study of reiki, meditation, and ancient witchcraft, and it was along this path that she discovered the Akashic records and was called upon to access them. Rohini began by studying under Linda Howe. She took her learnings further and re-routed to allow herself to feel what everyone should feel when accessing and reading this incredible source: free, untethered to religion, unbridled by superficial expectations... basically - she incorporated her own magic to allow others to feel free to do the same in this practice. Rohini beloved that we all are, have always been, and will always be magic. Put simply, it is her joy to see people shining and using their force to elevate consciousness. After experiencing first-hand what accessing and reading the Akashic records can do for healing the past and re-shaping the future, it has become Rohini’s passion to share this knowledge. An eternal student - (saved by the bell!) - teaching has always been a natural outlet for the excitement she’s feeling for any particular subject. Because the Akashic records are literally an infinite source, Rohini doesn’t worry about this tap ever running dry.

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