Magical Healing Incense Blend


A special formulated blend of organic and ethically wildcrafted resins, herbs, and flowers for ritual burning on a charcoal in a heat-safe vessel.

Burn our HEALING incense blend to draw in deep physical and emotional healing on all levels. 

Made with strong plant materials like rosemary, sage, and copal and can be customized.

Custom blend of special formulated organic and ethically wildcrafted herbs, resins, and spices to be used as ritual incense. Incense is used to amplify our magical intentions and to carry those messages through smoke out into the universe, along with our verbal prayers.

The herbs and resins themselves carry immense spiritual energy and have been used for ritual by cultures worldwide for centuries.

We recommend burning our incense blends in an iron cauldron, metal incense burner with grate, clay sahumador, or other appropriate heat-safe vessel.

All products are made with intention and love.

No Refunds - Final Sale for all Magical custom products.

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Scarlet Sage

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