Herbal Spot Treatment Clay Ilike

ilike Herbal Clay Spot Treatment

  • $52.95

This unique application leaves targeted areas feeling soothed, dry and calmed. Apply a thicker layer on the targeted areas for the night and use as a concealer during the day by tapping around the applied area with the fingers.

Directions for application:

After cleansing apply a thicker layer on the inflamed spots on your face, neck or back area and leave on for the night. Avoid the eyes. Use as a concealer for the day under your makeup. Washes off with water. Use it as part of your daily skin care regimen until problems persist.

Ingredients: Ichthammol, Clove Oil, Zinc Oxide

Skin types & conditions:

acne care oily, acne, inflamed skin pre- or post-waxing & shaving specialty products