IN-PERSON: Halloween & Dia de los Muertos: Journey With the Descendants & Ancestors with Maritza Schafer - October 27th, 5:30-7pm PT


Come celebrate the Witches’ New Year at the Scarlet Sage.

Halloween is the most sacred (and most famous) of the witches’ holidays - it’s our new year! 

This is a time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest, and we let our spirit journey to connect with the lessons from our ancestors, the messages from our descendants, and commit to our path for this new year.

Join us for this in-person ritual where you will be guided into the space between the worlds, where you will commune with the beloved dead and set your intention for this next trip around the sun. The ritual will include a deep guided meditation into a trance-like state to download the lessons and messages that you need for the new year. 

What to Bring:

Please bring photos or artifacts of your beloved dead for the communal altar. Wear comfortable clothes and bring something to snack on at the end of the ritual - you will be hungry!


This class will be live in-person at The Scarlet Sage Herb Co., 1193 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.  

*COVID Protocols. Masks are required for all participants, although the teacher will be unmasked. Please do not come if you are feeling unwell. Thank you!

My name is Maritza, I’m a proud bruja (witch), activist, and consultant, heading a global company on transformational practices, the happy holder of 3 passports as evidence that the nation state is a fantasy, and a hopeless music and dance addict. I was born and raised a witch in Chile, with strong magical influence from both Indigenous (from Chile) and Italian witch lines. I was initiated by my grandmother Nora Ilda Chiavegat Núñez, and have practiced my whole life. Since moving to the US when I was 18, I have studied as a solo practitioner, with a coven in upstate New York in the late 90’s, and with the Reclaiming tradition in the SF Bay Area for about 19 years. I am not currently a member of a coven, but I am the High Priestess for a handful of solo practitioners. 

I am a communications expert with 30 years of experience in emotional growth techniques, spiritual development tools, spellcasting, healing, ritual, intuitive readings, Reiki, shamanic work, vision quests, past lives, constellations and the tarot. I co-founded WiseBridge, where I work as an Organizational and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant. All of these things inform my writing and practice about what it will take for us to live decent lives as individuals and save the species as a collective. 

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In-Person Events cancellation policy:

Out of respect for our teachers, we kindly ask you to cancel at least 24 hours in advance, as the seating for our classes is very limited. If you should have to cancel your registration, notification in writing should be sent by email. Please make sure you state your name and the name of the class in your email.

- An event credit in the amount of the original purchase price will be issued for cancellations received 24 hours prior to the start of the event. Please contact us by email to register for another class of your choice. Event credit is available for a period of six months - according to availability.

- No event credit will be issued for cancellations received within 24 hours of the event, nor failure to attend.

ADA Compliance: 
Our Wellness Space and School of Traditional Healing Arts is located below Scarlet Sage, and is not ADA compliant; you will need to walk down 15 stairs to access the classroom and the Wellness Space. Please let us know if you need help walking into the space. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us here with any questions or give us a call between 11-7 PST at 415-821-0997. We can fill orders for you over the phone as well as online. 

Thank you for your love and support! 

xo Scarlet Sage



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