Fat and the Moon Farewell Funk 2 oz


Farewell, funky feet! This salve is packed full of hearty, medicinal plants that have been used as topical treatments by our ancestors for centuries.

Because these herbs work hard in their own ecosystems to strike a healthy balance with bacteria and fungi, they’re perfect allies for the woes between the toes. We infuse organic sunflower oil with black walnut, chaparral, and Oregon grape root and top it off with tea tree oil and thuja essential oil.

The synergy of these powerful leaves, roots, and lichens come together to create a kick-ass salve, that’s ideal for the dry and scratchy kind of funk. We’ve also got a Foot Powder for those struggling with a sweaty scene–or, use our salve and powder in tandem to keep your feet feeling extra fresh.

Keep out of eyes and mouth. For best results, use within 1-year of purchase

Ingredients - chaparral* - black walnut hull* - oregon grape root* - usnea^ - sunflower oil* - beeswax - essential oils of tea tree* - western red cedar* *Organic ^Ethically & Safely Wildcrafted 1/2 fl oz

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