Fat And The Moon Eye Coal Lapis 1/4oz


The ultramarine color in pot eyeliner form allows more diversity in application- line to smudge.

The deep blue pop can be achieved by applying a little Lapis Eye Coal on the inside of your bottom eyelid with a super duper clean finger or makeup brush. For more drama- and you know we all like a little drama sometimes- line those come hither eyes on up, applying face powder or white clay as a base for the Eye Coal to hang on to. Channel yourself a little Sea or Sky God or Goddess!

Use within 6 months of purchase .

Ingredients Sunflower Oil (Helianthus annuus)* Cosmetic Grade Ultramarines Arrowroot Powder* Kaolin Clay Titanium Dioxide Cetyl Alcohol Beeswax Elderberry Extract (Sambucus) *Organic

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