evanhealy Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil 1oz


Ideal for scarred, hyperpigmented, dull, sensitive & blemish prone skin

Our extraordinary rosehip seed oil comes exclusively from Chile, where it is wild harvested by hand, certified organic, and cold-pressed fresh to order.

To learn about our journey to Chile to visit the collectors and oil producer, as well as the rich history of rosehip seed oil and its myriad benefits, please read our blog.

Rosehip seed oil is a remarkably light-weight oil that penetrates skin rapidly, and in the world of aromatherapy is actually considered a ‘dry’ oil because of the completeness with which it absorbs. Its unique profile of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids make it a profoundly nourishing feast for the skin.

For centuries it has been used to care for skin that is damaged, scarred, burned, flakey and irritated. While rosehip is a special oil for truly every skin type, it’s especially revered for its ability to beautify skin that is scarred or hyper-pigmented. It restores, rejuvenates, and illuminates like no other singular oil.

Rosehip Seed Oil is our first choice oil for skin that is:

  • Hyperpigmented
  • Sun Damaged
  • Scarred
  • Rough Textured
  • 100% pure wild-harvested, certified organic Chilean rosehip seed oil, and nothing else
  • Gentle care for highly sensitive, devitalized, hyper-pigmented, and scarred skin
  • Rich in EFAs, antioxidants, trans-retinoid acid, and phytosterols
Organic Rosehip (Rosa canina) Seed Oil

*Information given is the historical use of medicinal herbs. This information is for educational purposes only, not FDA approved.

We do not intend to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

Please use all herbs under the advice and counsel of your local herbalist, midwife, spiritual advisor, and/or doctor.

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