Embracing the Shadow with Hannah Green - September 25th, 6:30-9pm


Come together in community to celebrate the powerful wholeness of you! During this experiential workshop we will explore Jungian, spiritual and magical perspectives on the Shadow.

We will playfully and meditatively use art and ritual to ferry us to the inner world to connect with the parts of us in shadow and integrate their wisdom. We will use Jungian active imagination, art and ritual to identify and claim parts of you that live in the shadows and long for the light.

These are parts that are calling out to be heard and want to offer their powerful medicines and messages for your healing and growth.

These are parts that are calling out to be integrated and want to offer their powerful medicines and messages for your healing and growth. Shadow parts are parts of self that we feel deep inside but struggle to bring forward because we feel fear or lack support. Shadow parts may be aspects of us that feel vulnerable, powerful, sensual, creative, bold, risky, unfamiliar or shameful. These parts hold the key to growth, grounding and balance.

Their integration can be the key to new realms in relationship, personal fulfillment, creativity and worldly success.

About the teacher

Hannah Green MFT is a heart centered depth therapist with a private practice in San Francisco. Her work with clients is about ferrying folks to their inner world.

Hannah’s work is built on the belief that connection to one's inner world is the key to healing and growth. Hannah is also a couple's therapist that coaches couples to co-create relationships that are a container for healing and growth. Hannah uses Jungian, Gestalt and Transpersonal perspectives, art, imagery, dreamwork, Tarot, earth based spirituality, and personal experience of recovery and transformation as guides in her work.

See Hannah’s website for more information about her training and specialties:


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