Dr Gingers Toothpaste White Charcoal


Dr. Ginger’s fantastically delicious Coconut Oil Toothpaste, but with added Activated White Charcoal for extra teeth whitening power.

  • Activated White Charcoal From Organic Coconuts
  • Extra Whitening Power
  • Easy On Sensitive Teeth
  • Refreshing Coconut Mint Taste
  • Approximately 30 – 45 days of Twice Daily Brushing
  • 4oz (114g)

While we love the detoxifying properties of charcoal, Dr. Ginger has always felt it’s wrong to put anything black on your pearly whites.

Enter white charcoal! It contains millions of tiny pores that trap chemicals and toxins but in a less messy, nearly white paste. Enjoy a pleasing product that’s less abrasive and tastes great.

By combining this key ingredient with the formula of our Coconut Oil Toothpaste, you also receive all the same benefits as oil pulling. All of our products are Fluoride-Free.

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us here with any questions or give us a call between 11-7 PST at 415-821-0997. We can fill orders for you over the phone as well as online. 

Thank you for your love and support! 

xo Scarlet Sage



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