Connecting with Ancestral Guidance: Part 2 - Plants as Our Ancestors with Vanessa Radman - June 1st, 6:30 - 8:30 PM PT


Align with your heart.

Shed unnecessary baggage.

Cultivate resilience for moving into a new paradigm of existence.

What if there was a way to heal both personal intergenerational trauma and cultural toxins while fully embodying your unique gifts?

Everyone has ancestors that are kind, loving, wise, and willing to connect.

Cultivating this relationship is a learnable skill that can resource our lives and act as a gateway for tremendous personal, family, cultural and planetary healing.

This method of ancestral lineage healing is based on the teachings of Dr. Daniel Foor. It takes a non-dogmatic approach and is grounded in an anti-oppression, earth-honoring/animist framework.

This two-part workshop will be experiential, with time in the end for (optional) sharing and Q&A. Each class is $40 or $70 when purchased together.

This experience is for anyone curious to know more about how to connect with their ancestors (including those who may or may not know where their people are from).

*Those who have had difficult experiences of family, are adopted, and/or from non-traditional family structures are all warmly encouraged to attend.

Part 1: Foundations of Ancestral Healing and Connection (MAY 4TH)

What you will learn:

- What is meant by ‘ancestral healing’ (and what that means for those who did not grow up in a culture that venerates the ancestors)
- The potential benefits of engaging in healthy ways with our ancestors
- How to connect with supportive, loving ancestors in a safe, embodied way
- How they can resource you in these changing times and beyond
- How we can be in healthy, sacred reciprocity with them

Part 2: Plant Spirits and Ancestral Wisdom (JUNE 1ST)

What you will learn:

- How to work with common everyday plants to connect with your ancestors (no fancy "herbal knowledge" required)
- The role of co-evolution between plants and people 
- Using plants as offerings to honor our ancestors and the land where we currently live/settle
- How to work with plants in a way that is both sustainable & culturally respectful  

This class is perfect for students, teachers, experts, and novices alike!

This class will take place online via Zoom and there will be a recording for those pre-registered students unable to attend.

If you are a BIPOC or trans person interested in a scholarship to this series, you are encouraged to email Vanessa at

Vanessa Radman is a first generation queer femme herbalist, full spectrum doula, sex educator and writer dedicated to collective liberation. She has been working with plants as remedies since 2008.


She supports those navigating the relationship between belonging, personal healing and the healing of our communities, ancestors and the living earth. Her trauma-informed, intersectional feminist approach acknowledges the innate wisdom of each person’s journey and is grounded by her training in Western, Energetic, and traditional folk herbalism, flower essences, spirit medicine, ritual and navigating the wild knowing of the heart.


Vanessa has studied herbalism with Juliet Blankespoor (Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine) and Lupo Passero (Twin Star Herbs), Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes (Blue Otter School) as well as plant spirit healing with Pam Montgomery, Southern Italian folk healing with Gail Faith Edwards and ancestral lineage healing with Dr. Daniel Foor. Her ancestors are most recently from Ireland, Sicily and the Dalmatian coast (Croatia).


She is grateful to live and love on Yelamu Ohlone land.

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xo Scarlet Sage


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