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Conjure Codex 2 - Jake Stratton-Kent et al.


The emerald issue of "Conjure Codex" bursts forth as green shoots of spring, thrusting up through the decay of western civilisation. Here we reveal the taproots of magic in a celebration of flourishing traditions, both old and new.

Table of Contents
"Becoming the Green Mystery" by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold
"Jesus Malverde: Angel of the Poor" by Jamie Alexzander
"The Grimoire of Armadel: A Meeting with Betel" by Susanne Iles
"The Testament of Solomon" with an introduction by Jake Stratton-Kent
"The Grimoire of Saint Cyprian or The Prodigies of the Devil" translated and with an introduction by José Leitão
"The Love Spells of the Petit Albert" translated and with an introduction by Talia Felix
"Cities of Life and Death" by Gavin ‘The Fox’ Marriner
"Against the Interim: A Guide to Cutting Out Bureaucracies with Cut-Up, Trance, and Pain" by Kent Cockerell
"The Three Purifiers: The Asperging Herbs of the True Grimoire" by Alexander Cummins
"The Saint, the Magus, and the Devil" by Humberto Maggi