Magical Love Charm Bag


A custom-made pouch filled with magical organic herbs and an energetically corresponding crystal.

Carry our LOVE charm bag to attract passionate and loving energy into your life!

Made with powerful herbs like safflower, cardamom pods, and roses, and includes a rose quartz crystal.

All charm bags can be customized for your unique intentions.

Custom blend of special formulated herbs, flowers, spices, and crystals inside of a small pouch to be used as a charm/mojo bag or medicine pouch.

Charm bags are a form of talisman that are used to enhance our spiritual intentions and carry that energy with us. They are also known as mojo bags or medicine bags, and can be found in many magical traditions.

Charm bags can be carried in the pocket, in a purse, in the car, hung by the bedside or on an altar.

All products are made with intention and love.

No Refunds - Final Sale for all Magical custom products.

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Scarlet Sage

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