ONLINE: Advanced Tarot Practitioner Workshop and Q&A Session with Kursten Hedgis - June 2nd, 6PM PT

So, what does it mean to be an Advanced Tarot Practitioner?

If you've been curious about the Advanced Tarot Practitioner Certification but want to learn more before committing to the 10-month program, join us for this *free* workshop.

In this workshop, Kursten gives an overview of the potential career pathways within tarot and hosts a conversation about what it means to be an advanced tarot practitioner.

What you will learn/experience:
- Tarot as a Gateway to Practitionership and Space Holding
- Elemental Career Pathways in Tarot: Swords (Education), Cups (Reading), Wands (Creative Arts), Pentacles (Product Maker)
- The Infinite Potential of Tarot as a Business Tool
- Q&A about 2022 Community Tarot Reader Certification

This class is an intro workshop and q&A session for the 2022 Advanced Tarot Practitioner certification program.

This class is followed by a Q&A with Kursten Hedgis, the Director of Metaphysical Arts with Scarlet Sage (and the new education department Land of Verse!)
(Looking for something less business oriented and more community focused? Check out the Community Tarot Reader workshop here!)

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Kursten has a passion for heart-centered operations and metaphysical education which led to her current role as Director of Metaphysical Arts and Operations Manager for Land of Verse. Her grounded energy, contagious drive, and finely tuned (third) eye coalesce in her passion for creating spaces and structures that facilitate easeful access to safe, authentic wellness education. 

Kursten is a second-generation Greek American raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains with a mix of Mediterranean cultures and lineages tracing back to the Aegean Islands, specifically Crete. She is a living fusion of the Grecian myths that were shrouded and ushered through Ellis Island and the medicinal folk ways she found tucked in the farmlands and mason jars of the South East.  

Kursten is an herbalist, humanitarian, believer in magic, and sacred community facilitator with a nurturing essence endlessly drawn to all avenues of expressing and liberating the divine fxminine. A roundabout path of studying psychology, communications, and literature, landed her a front-row seat to witness the wonders of energy work and herbalism while working at an acupuncture clinic. From the first time an artfully placed needle stimulated her chi, she was on a mission to unearth and embrace the deep wisdom and liberation the body holds.

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xo Scarlet Sage



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