This 100-hour Community Tarot Reader certification is a part-time, 9 month course crafted for both beginning and advanced card readers.

All classes are held live online. Classes are one weekend per month.

You will have video replay access for 6 months after the end of the course through our online learning classroom.

If you would like to learn more about this certification course, check out the Community Tarot Workshop here.


100-hours of live, interactive, online education



Second weekend of the month for 9 months from 10AM - 4PM PT




$2400 (early bird)

In-house or PayPal payment plans available. Email here for more info.

Scholarship options available to those identifying as BIPOC, trans, queer. Apply here!


As a student of ancient archetypes, you can learn the visual language of tarot to bring clarity and confidence to your readings.

By building proficiency in your card reading skills, you can enter an evolutionary process of empowerment and support your community with intuition and awareness.

This program is perfect for someone who is interested in expanding their tarot hobby into an intentional practice, someone looking to deepen their readings, and anyone needing personal support in a time of transition.

It's also crafted for people who are committed to learning from a diverse collection of teaching voices and those seeking self actualization through the divination and healing arts.

You will emerge from this 9 month, 100-hour program as a certified Community Tarot Reader, able to access ancient archetypes to navigate the world with internal confidence and elevate the collective unconscious of your community.

Picture of Modern Witch tarot card The Moon with burning flowers and candle

      Photo Credit: Shannon Sinclair Photography

Picture of Modern Witch Tarot The Empress and Strength cards with flowers and crystals

      Photo Credit: Shannon Sinclair Photography


This course is taught entirely through live, online instruction, featuring lectures, group tarot discussions, practice readings, and Q & A sessions from 9 different teachers.

You receive a curated box of tarot reading supplies at the beginning of the year for use during live classes and daily practice to help you seamlessly integrate tarot into your life.

Learning is supported through monthly student cohort groups that meet regularly outside of course time and receive group mentorship from instructors to work through custom tarot case studies.

Unlike any other tarot program available, you will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Pursue individual inquiries, receive peer support, and cultivate real relationships with teachers and fellow students.
  • Engage in a daily card pull, reflective notations, and practice readings to enhance and support your tarot practice.
  • Explore the history of tarot, research your own ancestral archetypes, and discover your unique personal connection to this ancient healing practice.



Weekend 1 | The History of Tarot with Jessica Hundley

Weekend 1 | Ancestral Innovation Ceremony with Yayi Joyce

Weekend 2 | Building Intuition with Mary Grisey

Weekend 2 | Practicing Ethics and Boundaries with Mary Grisey

Weekend 3 | Major Arcana: An Interdisciplinary Fool's Journey with Vinisha Rumph

Weekend 4 | Minor Arcana: Active Suits - Wands and Swords with Maritza Schaffer

Weekend 5 | Minor Arcana: Receptive Suits - Pentacles and Cups with Davidia Turner

Weekend 6 | The Spiritual Kindom of Court Cards with Kaylene Campbell

Weekend 6 | MID-POINT RECHARGE: Healing Ceremony with Yayi Joyce

Weekend 7 | Symbolism and Numerology with Kaylene Campbell

Weekend 7 | Spreads: Storytelling in Tarot with Cidnee Richardson

Weekend 8 | Reversals - Shadow Cards and the Soul

Weekend 8 | Embodied Tarot: A Somatic Fool's Journey with Davidia Turner

Weekend 9 | Final Project (Archetypal Spread + Community Case Studies) with Mary Grisey

Weekend 9 | Closing Ancestral Ceremony with Yayi Joyce


Picture of Modern Witch Tarot card Ace of Wands with herbs and crystals

      Photo Credit: Shannon Sinclair Photography


WEEKEND 1 | Opening Ceremony

WEEKEND 2 | Intuition, Ethics, and Boundaries

WEEKEND 9 | Closing Ceremony


Mary Grisey is a Multidimensional Channeler, Psychic & Spiritual Medium and Visual Artist based out of Los Angeles, California. She has been connected to the unseen world ever since she can remember and works closely with her Spirit Guides, Ruth and the Council of 12. Her psychic approach is heart-centered, therapeutic and always in the highest good. Her fine art background provides a unique approach as they tend to foster creativity, inventiveness, and imagination.

Learn more about Mary here!


WEEKEND 1 | Opening Ceremony

WEEKEND 7 | Spreads: Creating Context + Storytelling in Tarot

WEEKEND 9 | Closing Ceremony


Cidnee is a proud ATLien who has been practicing tarot for 7 years. Each tarot reading session is tailored to the individual's comfort level. As an intuitive empath with a degree in Psychology Cidnee understands that trust and comfort is pivotal in connecting. Her style is relaxed and relatable as she provides intuitive, practical advice. You will leave her session with a feeling of clarity, insight and practical applicable advice.

Learn more about Cidnee here!


WEEKEND 1 | Opening Ceremony

WEEKEND 4 | Minor Arcana: Active Suits - Wands and Swords

WEEKEND 9 | Closing Ceremony


Maritza is a proud bruja (witch), activist, and consultant, heading a global company on transformational practices. Born and raised a witch in Chile, with strong magical influence from both Indigenous (from Chile) and Italian witch lines, Maritza has over 30 years of experience in emotional growth techniques, spiritual development tools, spellcasting, healing, ritual, intuitive readings, Reiki, shamanic work, vision quests, past lives, constellations and the tarot.

Learn more about Maritza here!


WEEKEND 1 | Opening Ceremony

WEEKEND 8 | Embodied Tarot: A Somatic Fool's Journey

WEEKEND 9 | Closing Ceremony


Residing in Denver, CO, Davidia teaches Virtual Yoga Classes, Private Yoga Sessions, Intuitive Tarot Readings & Classes as well as Seasonally Inspired Workshops & Rituals. Ever inspired & informed by Archetypes, Elements, Astrology, the Moon, Divinity & Magic, Davidia offers up these modalities in service of Community. She wishes to state explicitly that Healing work is for EVERYONE. No matter your background, Yoga and Tarot can be of service to you. The space that Davidia holds aims to be an Accessible, Safe, Informed, Supportive, and Nurturing of an environment as possible for those from all walks of life.

Learn more about Davidia here!


WEEKEND 1 | Opening Ceremony

WEEKEND 3 | Major Arcana: An Interdisciplinary Fool's Journey

WEEKEND 9 | Closing Ceremony


As a Cosmic Consultant, Vinisha offers guidance to navigate the bigger picture of 'PURPOSE' through intention, observation, expression, and experience! Working as a channel of higher consciousness to craft containers for self-exploration with her support and encouragement. Vinisha believes that we were all born in the image of a GREAT Creator! Which means GREATNESS is inherent within us whether or not we recognize our ability to create from that space.

Learn more about Vinisha here!


WEEKEND 1 | Opening Ceremony

WEEKEND 6 | Spiritual Kindom (Court Cards) + Symbolism and Numerology

WEEKEND 9 | Closing Ceremony


Krystal Visions née Kaylene Campbell is a numerologist and tarot reader that has been studying and practicing for 10 years. Using numerologic and archetypal influences to support and encourage personal growth, her reading style is seen as therapeutic. Residing in Atlanta and originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, she is also a multimedia artist and musician. She teaches tarot and numerology classes at Scarlet Sage.

Learn more about Kaylene here!


WEEKEND 1 | Opening Ceremony + Ancestral Invocation Ritual

WEEKEND 6 | Ancestral Checkin + Recharge

WEEKEND 9 | Closing Ceremony


Yayi Joyce is the founder and owner of Hoodoo Healing, specializing in teaching Geechee Rootwork and herbal healing to BIPOC. Joyce is an who has been studying herbalism, aromatherapy for 20 years. She is a holistic health coach & priestess, herbalist, teacher, and naturalist who lives in Atlanta, Georgia; you can find her extracts medicine or speaking herbal lore. Her style is all about embodying joy and love.

Learn more about Yayi Joyce here!


WEEKEND 1 | Opening Ceremony

WEEKEND 1 | The History of Tarot and Esoterica

WEEKEND 9 | Closing Ceremony


Jessica Hundley is an author, filmmaker and journalist. She has written for the likes of Vogue, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times, and has authored books on artists including Dennis Hopper, David Lynch, and Gram Parsons. Hundley often explores the counterculture in her work, with a focus on metaphysics, psychedelia, and magic. She has a series of books The Library of Esoterica on the topics of Tarot, Astrology, and Witchcraft. She has a new edition in the works this year on plant medicine. Her book The Library of Esoterica: Tarot will be one of the textbooks included by Scarlet Sage in the certification program.

Learn more about Jessica here!



Tarot Cloth - Directions and Elements
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Picture of Scarlet Sage Tarot Cloth
Picture of Scarlet Sage Tarot Cloth - Herbs and Animals

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