Video Recording: Florecimiento: Rituals for Soul Flowering with Francisca Santibanez

In South American Folk Healing, Florecimiento or Soul Flowering is the experience of cleansing from stagnant past energies along with integration and growth that allows us to experience a higher and wholesome expression of our spirit.

Filled with joy, sense of expansion, beauty and peace, it’s a process of transmutation of all our experiences into the lessons, insights and wisdom that uplifts and affirms our sense of self-worth, belonging and embodiment. 

The practices offered in this class will grant the participant tools for performing rituals to support this process, and they include: 
    • Activated baths
    • Shamanic herbal showers 
    • Flower essences
    • Spiritual perfumery & making your own floral waters
    Suggested materials: 
    • Journal and pen 
    • A bundle of 6 or more sprigs of fresh aromatic herbs (such as rosemary, lavender, sage, rose petals, basil, mint, etc). Working with fresh herbs that are local and accessible can grant us an experience of heightened connection and support from our own environments. These can often also be found at the produce department at your local market.
    • A bucket or stock pot 
    • Water 
    • 4oz jar 
    • 8oz jar 
    • 2oz Vodka or other alcohol of choice 
    • 1/2 cup Salt 
    • 1/2 cup Epsom salts
    • Bowl 

    Francisca Santibanez is a Bay Area based clinical western herbalist, wellness guide, medicine maker, educator and founder of Plant Spirit Talk course, Medicine Spirit Mentorship, Earth Blood & Soul and Plant Spirit Essencials. She also offers Wellness Consultations, Plant Spirit Courtship facilitation, and Soul integration guidance through her private practice out of Sebastopol.   

    Raised in South America, she spent her childhood in Brasil and Chile, and later in life returned to study traditional Amazonian plant medicine in the jungles of Peru. 

    Her courses focus on cultivating ritual space for deep sharing and healing, to learn integrative life skills, spiritual tools and plant based healing practices for more intimate engagement with nature and the healing process.
    She weaves in ancient wisdom and practical beliefs from her native South with the modern urban context of the North. Her day long workshops include a curricula which combines Western Clinical Herbalism, South American Folk Medicine, Andean-Amazonian Vegetalista Practice, Shamanism, Curanderismo. Her aim is to create intentional community space and support her students and clients in their personal and familial healing and fulfillment of their soul purpose. 


    IG: plantspirittalk

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